Drummer from WhoMadeWho

We have travelled to the heart of Copenhagen to meet DJ, producer, and drummer Tomas Barfod. He is probably best known for his part as drummer and producer in the Danish electronic trio WhoMadeWho. A trio that’s well known for experimenting with novel noises and funky synths.


WhoMadeWho, with Tomas Barfod, released its first album in 2005: an album that quickly propelled them into an endless bout of touring. Touring that over the course of now more than 10 years have seen them drafted as the opening act at Benacassim festival and performing live with prominent artists such as

  • Daft Punk
  • Soulwax
  • Hot Chip
  • Justice
  • and LCD Soundsystem




One of the guys played Daft Punk, and I was like: ‘What is this?’ It sounds like Herbie Hancock I thought: ‘Why should I buy this; it sounds like old funk.’ And two months later, I was like this is crazy good and I have been a big fan since.

Tomas Barfod, Studio Master

It was a long-forgotten film set in a club that became the starting point of Barfod’s fascination with electronic music, many acts have since been a source of influence on this work as a DJ, Producer, and drummer; acts such as: 

  • Daft Punk
  • Glodie 
  • Massive Attack
  • and Portishead.


And with these names as inspiration, Barfod has created an impressive career for himself: drummer in WhoMadeWho, producer in Filur, a solo studio album (that were applauded by the likes of Pitchfork, Dazed & Confused, and Gorilla vs. Bear), and due to his skills as a DJ, he has played legendary venues like

  • Fabric in London
  • Panorama Bar in Berlin
  • Goa in Rome
  • Social Club in Paris
  • and Echoplex in Los Angeles


But why have we travelled to Copenhagen; why do we want to talk with Barfod. That’s easy: he is very passionate about his gear: synthesizers, laptops, and monitors (our personal favorite). That’s why we’ve travelled to Copenhagen; to learn more about how we works with his all of this gear.  

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