Ask the Expert: what you watched the most in 2017

In 2017, we put Ask the Expert into fifth gear and produced more episodes than ever before: covering a plethora of topics from practical questions like cleaning your speakers to the intricacies of making hi-fi audio in cars and the complexity of room acoustics. And at each step of the way, our experienced and highly capable engineers and experts helped explain the theory and answer questions, ensuring that tough subjects became accessible. But what were the most watched episodes from 2017? Here’s what our viewers loved the most:

A new level of high-end listening

#1 How to clean your speakers

Together with our Product Manager, Otto Jørgensen, we opened up the electronic advice pages and answered your questions about cleaning loudspeakers in the safest possible way - and got a truly memorable moment when Otto kisses a soft-dome tweeter.


#2 What’s an active crossover

It’s a common question: “What should I choose – active or passive speakers?” We wanted to remove some of the unknown, pull down the curtain if you will, about active crossovers and how they work. To do so, we invited our Senior Manager for Dynaudio Academy, Roland Hoffmann inside our Ask the Expert studio.





#3 The principle behind a Dynaudio tweeter

With the introduction of our new Special Forty anniversary speakers, we also presented the innovative Esotar Forty tweeter. Naturally, the talk quickly turned to: “Well, what’s better – Esotaror Esotar Forty?” Live from our showroom at the High-End Show in Munich, Otto and Roland discuss the basics behind a Dynaudio tweeter and which is better: Esotaror Esotar Forty.





#4 What’s room acoustics

In this one, our host Christopher Kjærulff, found himself in deep water when he tried to unpacked room acoustics in one go. However, Kristoffer Jørgensen, Acoustic Engineer, expertly guided us through a subject that’s more complex than one episode of Ask the Expert would usually be able to answer. Be warned. It’s a long one. Enjoy!





#5 How we tune hi-fi sound in a car

The final episode to make the top five is all about hi-fi audio in cars – and what it takes to reproduce serious sound in an environment filled with reflective surfaces. On this episode, Morten Hermansen, Senior Sound Tuner – Car, joined us to explain time-alignment, noise-dampening and what you can do to improve sound performance in your car - without spending a fortune. 





But there’s so much more

Yes, so much more. And it’s just waiting for you to discover it. So why don’t you head over to our YouTube channel and subscribe to our Ask the Expert playlist? It’s your guide to the world of hi-fi and all of the technologies that together make up your loudspeakers.  

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