Curator's pick - Best of 2017

With 2017 coming to a close, we’ve been through the archives to find the best stories from the past 12 months. We’ve covered everything from the traditional hi-fi experience with 'how to build a vinyl system' to modern approaches as digital and active crossovers packed with advanced digital signal processing technologies and practical tips like how you clean your speakers. But without further ado, here's the top five:


#1 The most read article from 2017

We've sailed the high-tech waters many times discussing advanced topics that can make your head spin, yet the most read piece from 2017 is anything but high-tech. No, it’s probably our most practical take on loudspeakers in 2017: it's how to clean your soft-dome tweeters.



#2 Going beneath the surface

It wouldn’t be a real Dynaudio anniversary without a special edition speaker. Our engineers worked hard to equip the Special Forty anniversary speakers with our best technologies – and our writers worked equally hard at telling the story of what’s inside the Special Forty.




#3 Better with age

Number three on our top five of 2017 is from 2016. Yes, really. Published when we introduced the new Contour speakers in 2016, our piece about the developed-for-Contour 18W55 loudspeaker driver is still massively popular, making its way into our top five.




#4 What should I choose: Passive or Active?

It’s a difficult decision; choosing between the plug-and-play ease of active speakers or the tweakability (which might be a new word our writers came up with in 2017) of passive speakers. We tried our best to offer guidance in our fourth most read article of 2017.




#5 Deep dive into active crossovers

The final piece to squeeze its way into our top five is about the benefits of active crossovers. It’s a mash-up from our interviews with Jan Abildgaard Pedersen, leading expert on digital signal processing, and our Senior Manager for the Dynaudio Academy, Roland Hoffmann.



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