LYD Wins an Audio Media 'Gear of the Year 2016' Award

We are proud to have received a Gear of the Year 2016 Award from Audio Media. They pick only the best products that have been under review during the year, and LYD made the cut.


According to Audio Media International, this is why our LYD monitors were chosen for the award:

The LYD Series is a new range of personal reference monitors with low volume precision designed for near-field listening in a variety of recording environments. To offer choices and opportunities for musicians, producers and artists, advanced DSP with two tuning presets offers options for different setups, sound balance filters for adjusting the frequency response and bass extension for moving the bass cut-off to the preferred position.

The bottom line: Put a smile on my face with its lively and informative presentation, which I’d have no difficulty recording and mixing effectively with.”

- Nigel Palmer, owner of Lowland Masters