An electronic music journey

If you are into electronic music – genres like Jungle, Breakbeat and Drum ‘n’ Bass – you definitely know our next Studio Master well. Even if you don’t, chances are you have heard his music as it has conquered music charts across the world for years. He’s also impacted film and art with roles in movies such as Snatch, James Bond – The World Is Not Enough and EastEnders, and iconic work in the graffiti sub-culture in the 1980’s. So, who are we talking about here? Many will probably have figured out by now that it’s none other than the living legend, Goldie.


We’ve travelled to the United Kingdom to meet Goldie at the Red Bull Studios in London for a chance to learn more about his unique approach to creating music, what’s wrong with the current state of electronic music and everyday life in the studio.

This video is part one of our interview with Goldie at the Red Bull Studios in London. There was simply too much good stuff. The videos are part of our Studio Masters series; a series of interviews with influential artists and producers within electronic music such as Daniel Miller, Detroit Swindle and many more. The interviews discuss topics that range from what they expect of gear such as studio monitors like the LYD series to what they’d recommend up-and-comers to do and where they find their inspiration.



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