Your room matters: it's time to talk room correction.

How your room performs matters quite a lot – perhaps more than you’d even think. Different surfaces and boundaries impact sound reproduction differently, and so does different placement. But why is that? Can you do anything about it? If so, what? And what's up with this new RoomAdapt feature?

A new level of high-end listening

It’s time to deal with those questions; it’s time for another episode of Ask the Expert. We have invited Kristoffer Jørgensen inside our studio to unpack room acoustics and RoomAdapt, and answer all of your questions together with him. So buckle up, here we go.



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In this episode

You can watch the entire video by starting the player above - or find the particular question you find most interesting below and start from there. It's up to you. Enjoy. 

We kicked off the interview with Kristoffer answering Dowey's question about big hi-fi setups in small rooms. 

We also suggested different question for you to vote on, and voted number one was this one: "What can I do to improve the acoustics in my room."

From there, we asked Kristoffer to explain the differences between diffusion and absorption, plus some successes and failures. Thank you for what one, Nicholas! 

We stayed in that lane and discussed Santanu's question about bass diffusers.

The final two questions were among the suggestions with most votes: "Which frequency areas are affected by boundaries" and "What's RoomAdapt and how does it work?"

Thank you! 
We want to give a big thanks to all of those who posted questions. Unfortunately, we can only steal our experts away for a short amount of time, so we haven't been able to answer each and every one of the great questions we received. As we did last time, we'll make sure keep an eye out for any interesting questions to bring to the next episode of Ask The Expert.

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All the best, 
Kristoffer and Christopher



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