Analogue sound in a digital bubble

Earlier this summer, we travelled from our HQ in Skanderborg, Denmark to the UK (and it wasn’t on summer holiday). We went there to meet up with one of the true innovators in electronic music at the Red Bull Studios in London. We would even go so far as to call him a cultural influencer and phenomenon. We wanted to get his take on everything from finding inspiration to applying soul to your trade and why gear makes a difference. You might recognise him from the photo above – it’s obviously Goldie.


This video is part two of our interview with Goldie at the Red Bull Studios in London; continuing an excellent conversation about sound, creation and inspiration. Studio Masters is a series of interviews with influential artists and producers within electronic music such as Goldie, Daniel MillerCamea and more. The interviews discuss topics ranging from their favourite gear, what their music-making-process looks like and how they find the inspiration to create their music.  


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