You get a firmware update, you get a firmware update

As you know, our engineers have a hard time letting their creations go. They are always tinkering with ways to make their speakers better: solving bugs, improving sound and making them easier to use. And their hard work has paid off – again, again. Three new firmware updates: one for the Xeo 2, one for the Focus XD series, and one for the Connect box. 


Across the board these three firmware updates aim to resolve known bugs for all three products, and streamline the start up process and LED lights for the Xeo 2 and Focus XD speakers to create a consistent experience for users that own both products.



Quicker start up

With the new firmware installed, your Xeo 2 and Focus XD speakers will power up differently and more quickly compared with previous versions. Before this update, the speakers would perform a 40-second environment scan looking for sources – that’s not necessary anymore.

Download now: Click here to download the firmware that matches your speakers.

Now, we’ve instructed the Xeo 2 speakers to start with local inputs as default and the Focus XD speakers with Direct In. And when you want to use your Connect or Hub box as the source, you just choose its channel ID on the remote. Letting you enjoy your music a little quicker every time.



Matching colours

We also gave the LEDs on the two speakers lines a little makeover. We thought it was a little weird that they didn’t match up – which could create a little confusion if you owned both speakers. So now the Xeo 2s and Focus XDs have the same colour indications for the type of input making them easier to operate for music lovers with both. The LEDs will light purple for a Direct In/Local Input source and Blue for a Hub/Connect source.

Our engineers also decided to hammer away at bugs and improved stability, Autosense behaviour and input switching for both – and Bluetooth specifically for the Xeo 2 speakers. They also ironed out bugs in the Connect box to improve stability.

And while it probably goes without saying, we would still like to recommend that Connect box owners download the latest firmware release to ensure the best possible performance with the newly updated Xeo 2 and Focus XD speakers.

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