LYD 48 Nominated for a TEC Award

The TEC Awards have been handed out for more than three decades. And to the MI and pro audio manufacturers, this award is the equivalent to The Oscar for the actor or The Grammy for the musician. Needless to say it's a great honor to be nominated for this prestigious award once again.


Further, keeping in mind that the nomination has been given by a panel of carefully selected audio professionals makes it even more exciting for us. Likewise, the final votes to find the winners are thrown by members of various professional organizations and audio industry websites. We will definitely be there at the TEC Award ceremony in connection with the NAMM Show in January 2018. Fingers crossed.


Two TECs - One Meaningful Purpose

So what is the story behind these prestigious Technical Excellence & Creativity Awards? Well, first of all they go back more than three decades and has always had a strong focus on technical achievements and innovation.

That may sound a little dull at first, but there is more to it than that. 'Creativity' puts the 'C' in the TEC Awards and connect the products with the actual users. The finest producers in the world, the best mastering engineers, etc. Basically, all the things (products) and the people (producers) that make up the foundation that artists can shine upon - and maybe receive a Grammy of their own.

What it all boils down to is that music is the keyword here, connecting the two overall categories of the TEC Awards. 

And that is exactly why it means so much to us to be nominated for this award. Because at the end of the day, we simply love music and want our monitors to help musicians and producers everywhere create the best-sounding music they possibly can. That is the most important thing to us.

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LYD 48 in the Media

LYD 48 has only been out there for a few months, but we have already received plenty of great reviews form the media. Here are a few highlights: 


The Best Bargain in Mid-Range Monitors!

"My first impression when putting the new Dynaudio LYD 48 monitors on my speakers stands something along the line of “I’m back home!” They sound like the Dynaudios that I know and love, but there is also something much greater to them." - Don Gunn (TapeOp Magazine)

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Incredible Clarity in Sound in Any Space

"There are no real bumps in certain frequencies from the EQ curves overlaying heavily between mismatched drivers with the three speakers working suitably well together here. The result is an articulated audio reproduction that allows you to hear the faults in your mix right away.."

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Perfect for Placing Vocals in A Mix

"I was very impressed how the LYD48s dealt with vocals. I like my vocals to sit in the mix rather than on top and I found I was able to achieve this with the LYD48s".

- James Ivey

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