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We have announced two new subwoofers as part of our home loudspeaker range at this year’s CEDIA show in San Diego. The Sub 3 and Sub 6 replace the previous Sub 250 and Sub 600 models – and add some clever technology, too.


Sub 3: a new driver and maximum power in a compact enclosure

The compact 300W Sub 3 is designed to deliver size-defying weight, authority, punch and power for critical thunderous movie moments, but remain supple, precise and musical enough to bring something extra to stereo music in a finessed hi-fi system.

Contour-level components and construction, along with a 37mm double-thickness front baffle and brand-new 24cm driver, make it the ideal companion subwoofer for any stereo or multichannel system. It can connect to any AV receiver or stereo preamp, and users can fine-tune the satellite speakers’ crossover point (flat, 60Hz or 80Hz) using the built-in high-pass filter to ensure seamless integration with the rest of their equipment. Meanwhile, dual RCA inputs and outputs allow a signal to be passed through the Sub 3 itself.

Our engineers worked hard to get all the smarts of the outgoing Sub 600 into a body the size of the Sub 250, while also adding a brand-new driver.



Sub 6: intelligent, future-proof DSP and new MSP+ Hybrid Drive units

The larger 500W Sub 6 is designed to work seamlessly with all our speakers, and has a special trick up its sleeve – advanced intelligent DSP (digital signal processing) – to tailor its performance specifically to speakers from Contour upwards in the range.

Our engineers painstakingly modelled the acoustic characteristics of its most popular high-end hi-fi speakers and created custom performance maps for each one for the subwoofer – so now, two-way set-ups can instantly become three-way systems. This information is built into the Sub 6 so, using its display and menu system, users can choose the specific speakers they have in their setup. The Sub 6’s roll-off will then be matched perfectly between the two.

When we release new speakers, our engineers will release a firmware update for the Sub 6, adding the new performance maps so the Sub 6 can work just as closely with the latest models as it does with the classics.

To further tailor its performance, Sub 6 can set a time-delay to ensure that it and its companion speakers are working perfectly in sync with one another. All a user has to do is enter the distance from the sub to the speakers and the sub will adjust itself automatically using both time and phase delays. There’s also a fully parametric EQ, including three filters to counter the effects of any room modes, to ensure the best possible performance.

Sub 6's punch is delivered by two brand-new MSP+ Hybrid Drive units, which combine our own Magnesium Silicate Polymer material with optimised aluminium and paper construction for two kinds of resonance damping. They’re brand-new drivers designed specifically for subwoofer use. These new drivers sit at either end of the carefully constructed sealed enclosure design, which stands wider than it does deep to help it sit more discreetly against a wall.

Otto Jørgensen, Product Manager says: “We’re really excited about these new subwoofers. Being able to achieve a true Contour-level experience from package as small as the Sub 3 is remarkable, and the flexibility offered by the Sub 6 is fantastic. Our engineers have been so meticulous with everything from designing the new drivers, to constructing the Sub 3’s curved design, to ensuring the Sub 6’s unique presets mesh seamlessly with our speakers.”

Size-defying weight, authority, punch and power: The Sub 3


The powerful 500W Sub 6 uses advanced DSP to tailor its performance specifically to speakers from the Contour and up. 


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