A Master Class in speaker placement

It comes up again and again. Because it's important. An inch here and an inch there, it all makes a difference. And it's tough to get right.

A new level of high-end listening

Setting up your speakers is real work - concentration and patience paramount.

We've invited our Senior Manager for the Dynaudio Academy, Roland Hoffmann, to join us in the Ask the Expert studio to talk about speaker placement. It soon turned into a true Master Class, packed with tips, tricks and practical takes on real situations sent in from our Facebook fans.

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Thank you! 
We want to give a big thanks to all of those who posted questions. Unfortunately, we can only steal our experts away for a short amount of time, so we haven't been able to answer each and every one of the great questions we received. As we did last time, we'll make sure keep an eye out for any interesting questions to bring to the next episode of Ask The Expert.

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All the best, 
Roland and Christopher



The music Roland recommended...



  • Lou Reed – Walk on the wild side, Transformer
  • Daft Punk – Get Lucky, Random Access Memory
  • Kraftwerk – Das Model (2009 re-master), Die Mensch Machine
  • Turboweekend – Sweet Jezebel, Ghost Of A Chance

Stereo image and soundstage:

  • Norah Jones – Little Room, Not Too Late
  • Jennifer Warnes – Bird on a wire, Famous Blue Raincoat
  • Pink Panther Soundtrack by Christophe Beck (2006) – Pink Panther Theme