LYD Help M2 Film Deliver Consistent Results

Music and sound is more than half the story.


M2Film is a production company that deliver content for top brands like Lego, Coca-Cola, and Samsung. They know what's important, and perhaps surprisingly they say that the audible side of things is more than half the story.

In fact, according to director Rasmus Pilgaard the music and sound of a film make up 51% of the total production and is absolutely key in terms of grabbing the viewers attention instantly. And at the end of the day that is what truly matters.

Therefore, the sound of an M2Film production has to be super-consistent and translate well into a wide range of playback systems. That is where our monitors play a paramount role.



LYD and AIR to the rescue

As Rasmus Pilgaard points out, all film people know the importance of having the best (screen) monitors in order to get the colouring absolutely right. And the mechanism is identical when it comes to mixing the sound. 

M2Film has been using AIR monitors for many years, but has recently upgraded a wide range of their editing suites and decided on LYD speakers across the board.

Ultimately, M2Film is focused on delivering the best and most consistent sound at all possible, but at the same time they also realise that they have no control over where the content will be played back. It may be on a great-sounding home system, but it could also be on a phone or tablet with small speakers. Nonetheless, with LYD and AIR in their studios they have confidence that what they deliver will be top-notch and able to translate as great as possible across different playback systems.


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