NAMM 2018⎜Day 2

Mixing Blockbusters with Jason LaRocca.


Film mixing engineer Jason LaRocca paid us a visit at NAMM 2018 for a chat about working in film post production.

Jason is a long-time user of our classic BM15 studio monitors, and no matter where he works, his trusty BM15s come along. As Jason points out in the user story we did with him:

"The monitors are often the thing I care most about when mixing. I am lucky to get to work in a lot of legendary studios in LA that all have great monitoring setups, and I am fairly familiar with most of them.

But having my BM15s with me no matter where I am working keeps me grounded in knowing that I am always in the right place sonically and that things will translate to all of the various listening formats. 

I tried out a bunch of nearfields before choosing these studio monitors. The BM15 just felt right to me. To my ears, they’re just very ‘honest’ – and that is why I liked them. Before buying them, I was testing with a lot of mixes that I had completed and released already and they all sounded perfect to my ears on these speakers.

None of the other nearfields gave me that impression. That was when I knew I picked the right speaker.”