A conversation about industrial design

You eat with your eyes. You might have come across the old proverb before. There's some truth to it, right? We've all put too much on our plates at one point or another. But, what would you say, if I proposed that you could easily exchange eat with... Listen? No that's a bit more controversial, isn't it?

A new level of high-end listening

But stay with me. If you're looking at something you don't find pleasing, well that's going to detract from your overall experience. Design is important. Also when it comes to speakers: gorgeous real wood veneers, organic materials, subtle curvatures and colourful fabrics. It all matters.

We met up with our Junior Industrial Designer, Louise Bredvig Dalgaard, at this year's HIGH END show in Munich to talk about finishes, design traditions and where she finds inspiration.


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