Three new Inside Dynaudio episodes

Ever wondered how we got started with in-car audio? Or maybe how we fine-tune a car? How about the future of high-end car hi-fi? On the three new Inside Dynaudio episodes, you'll listen in as we talk with people who in the own way have shaped the past, present, and future of Dynaudio car hi-fi. You'll listen to stories about fax machines, head and torso manikins, and sci-fi's influence in-car hi-fi.


The Fax


A message pops in at Dynaudio; a message that seems to good to be true. Wilfried Erholtz, founder of Dynaudio, a man who seizes every opportunity, replies. Later, a phone rings - and this is where the story really takes off. Listen as we take you inside the extraordinary tale of Dynaudio's game changing work with car audio.



The Garage


This is your chance to be invited inside where very few are allowed: Dynaudio’s garage. Meet Bjarke Bovbjerg who works with tuning Dynaudio’s car audio systems. His philosophy is to bring the concert stage to your dashboard.



The Future


René Rønning is almost synonymous with Dynaudio and car audio. He’s always on the lookout for new gadgets and technology, making sure that he is two steps ahead of everyone, to see if it somehow can be implemented in Dynaudio’s work. Sci-fi films and Kickstarter campaigns are just some of his tricks to see into the future.