Ask the Expert at the High-End show 2018

Next week Dynaudio travels to Munich for the annual HIGH END show – and we’ve packed our bags with lights, cameras and makeup so we can go live on Facebook with our Ask the Expert show.


Next week Dynaudio travels to Munich for the annual HIGH END show – and we’ve packed our bags with lights, cameras and makeup so we can go live on Facebook with our Ask the Expert show.

On Thursday 10th at 12.30 pm, you can meet Roland Hoffmann and Otto Jørgensen who will answer your questions about sound beaming technology. On Friday 11th at 10.30 am, Otto Jørgensen will host an Ask Me Anything about the new 2018-edition digital wireless Xeo speakers.

But there are so many more episodes of Ask the Expert in the pipeline at HIGH END. You can meet the entire cast, learn what they’ll talk about and find links to where you can submit your questions.

Got a question about sound beaming technology such as DDC or the new Xeo speakers? Send it to us and we might answer it live on the next episodes of Ask the Expert - straight from the HIGH END show in Munich.

Claus P. Rasmussen

Since 2015 we have launched a ton of new products: the new Contour, an updated Focus XD series, the Music family, facelifted Xeo speakers and the Special Forty anniversary speakers. And much more is in the pipeline. But what does the future hold for Dynaudio? We have invited our Chief Commercial Officer, Claus P. Rasmussen, to join us at the High-End show to share some thoughts on Dynaudio today and where we might be heading.

Do you have a question about Dynaudio's future? Send it to us and we'll ask Claus.

Claus P. Rasmussen- Chief Commercial Officer at Dynaudio A/S

Otto Jørgensen

The 2018-edition wireless Xeo speakers are here. The new Xeo 20 and Xeo 30 both feature Bluetooth and direct inputs – and we’ve given them a facelift. But there’s so much more to them. Otto Jørgensen, Product Manager, joins us for a live AMA (Ask the anything) session about the Xeo speakers.

What do you want to know about the new Xeo? Ask Otto anything about them here.

Otto Jorgensen -Product Manager at Dynaudio A/S

Roland Hoffmann and Otto Jørgensen

Dynaudio Directivity Control – more commonly known as DDC – has been one of our key technologies for more than two decades. But what is it really, how does it work, and what does the future look like for this cornerstone? Join us for a live episode of Ask the Expert with Roland Hoffmann, Senior Manager of the Dynaudio Academy, and Otto Jørgensen, Product Manager straight from the High-End show in Munich.

What's your question about sound beaming or DDC? Tell us in an email and we'll ask Roland and Otto.

Ask the Expert with Otto Jørgensen and Roland Hoffmann who talk tweeters for loudspeakers

From the left: Roland Hoffmann, Otto Jørgensen, Christopher Kjærulff

Danny Pasfall Christensen

Ferrite… Neodymium… One, more, or both? It’s a choice Danny Pasfall Christensen, Designer, Loudspeaker Drivers, has to make when he designs the latest and greatest drive units for our loudspeakers. We invited Danny to join us at High-End Munich to lift the veil – at least a little bit.

What do you want to know about driver tech? This is your chance to ask Danny.

Louise Bredvig Dalgaard

Satin Black, High-gloss Rosewood, Red Birch, something else entirely? Visible screws or hidden screws? Square boxes or rounded edges? These are some of the questions Louise Dalgaard, Junior Industrial Designer, struggle with when she has to design new speakers together with our design team. We asked her to join us on Ask the Expert to talk about some of the choices they have to make.

Anything you want to know about our design? Now it's time to shoot your question so we can ask Louise.

Helle Foldager-Jensen and Steffie Lund

Have you ever thought about working for Dynaudio? If so, this is your chance to have unasked questions about the hiring process answered. Helle Foldager-Jensen, Chief HR Officer, and Steffie Lund (seen below), HR Consultant, from our HR-department join us on Ask the Expert to answer questions about how we hire new colleagues and what you can expect from that process if you apply for a position with us.  

Send us your questions about working at Dynaudio, and we'll answer them together with Helle and Steffie.

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