Inside Dynaudio - New podcast

It's a wild ride going from an initial product idea to having the finished thing in stores. There are ups. There are downs. Challenges. Opportunities. But it's a journey that you don't necessarily know is happening - or has happened - and boy are you missing out on some great stories. We want to change that. With our new podcast - Inside Dynaudio - we're inviting you on the ride with us.


Taking you behind the red velvet curtain and letting you in on how we get from that initial idea to a product in your home. You'll listen to stories about how old classics were created, how new products are envisioned, how parts of our business started and much more.



Inside Dynaudio - Episode one

Dynaudio is set to launch a new product, but this product is not like the others. It’s different, it’s something new for Dynaudio. On top of that, having recently been bought by the Chinese company, Goertek, their new Chinese colleagues need to be incorporated in the product. Listen to a story that’s full of twists and turns, but most importantly it’s a tale of how a complex product comes to be at Dynaudio.

Inside Dynaudio - Episode two


Part two picks up where we left off last time. The product is nearing its final stages, and now it is time to unveil it to the masses. The second episode takes you right in the middle of a few hectic days in London where a Dynaudio team have to work hard to get everything ready for the big launch. Will everything be ready in time? You’ll have to listen to find out.