Swissbeatbox chooses Dynaudio

Swissbeatbox has teamed up with Dynaudio for the Grand Beatbox Battle 2019, the world’s largest annual beatbox battle.


Dynaudio will be the official speaker partner of the event. The 11th edition is taking place at klub Stodoła in Warsaw, Poland, from April 12-15 – and you'll be able to see (and hear) the LYD range in action.

Not only that, we’re going to present each category winner (Solo Showcase, Tag-Team and Loopstation) with a pair of LYD 7s. Every second-place contestant will receive a Music 3 intelligent wireless speaker. And everyone who picks up the bronze medal will get a Music 1.



If you’re a beatboxer, that midrange precision means you can get a really clear picture of the sounds your mouth is making – and then to EQ them perfectly for your production.

Sinjo, head of sound for Swissbeatbox

"Dynaudio has years of experience building some of the best studio monitors in the world. When it comes to processing, mixing, and mastering beatbox audio, the ability to reproduce completely accurate frequencies is essential," says Sinjo.

He's spent more collective hours mixing beatboxing than any other engineer, and has chosen the LYD range as his favourite mid-field studio monitors. The clean crisp highs and low reaching bass, combined with the flat, un-muddy mids allow him to mix beatboxing audio with precision and clarity that few other speakers in this category can achieve.

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