14 unheard acts selected for Dynaudio Unheard at the 2019 NAMM show

91 per cent of artists are completely undiscovered. We want to help level the balance. Together with the organisers of the colossal NAMM Show, we gave unsigned artists the chance to get their big break. All they had to do was sign up for their chance to secure one of 14 coveted slots between January 24-27.

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We received hundreds of sign-ups from aspiring and exciting new acts. We have carefully listened to all of them and selected our 14 unheard participants. A group of bands and soloist representing a wide variety of genres from metal and hip-hop to singer-songwriter and latin.


Aelish is an LA-based Rock-band started by sisters Rowan and Synden Healy roughly eight years ago. The band started as an acoustic folk duo highly influenced by blues, rock, folk and indie, but after moving from Portland to Los Angeles, the sisters began cultivating their electric sound. Soon after relocating to LA to pursue their music, the Healy-sister were acquainted with bassist Amber Lynn Torres and drummer Jenner Glessner. Together the group released its first EP in January 2018 and expects to release their debut album in the summer of 2019.

Amber Ryann

Amber Ryann is a local hip-hop artist, singer-songwriter and producer from Pasadena, California. When playing Ryann focuses on singing and guitar and relies on her three bandmates for live drums, keys and bass. Together the group has toured the local scene for almost two years, gathering inspiration from the live crowds for new music – and gaining valuable experience.

Cliff Beach

The Berklee-trained singer-songwriter and keyboardist Cliff Beach has been performing live for more than ten years in the Los Angeles area. Beach plays a style of music that he calls “Nu-funk,” a hybrid of soul, traditional R’n’B, funk and neo-soul. In 2013, he released his first EP “Who the Funk is Cliff Beach” independently, which was nominated for three local music awards in Los Angeles. Recently, Cliff Beach released his new album “The Gospel According to Cliff Beach.”


Jackie and Jessica Parry are both classically-trained pianists, an instrument they have been playing since age seven. But at Dynaudio Unheard, you’ll meet them as the hard-hitting heavy rock/metal duo, Dianthus, which they describe as “chaste, melodic vocal harmonies, increasingly ominous guitar tones, thunderous bass, and full-throttle attack on drums.”

Eva and the Vagabond tales

Eva and the Vagabond tales is a folk-pop group from… well… different places. Lead singer, Eva Khachiyan, is originally from Russia and the Vagabonds come from as far as Chicago and Palm Springs. The five-piece band met on Craigslist and the road has been a wild, curvy one so far, having played their share of street corners, ferries, boats, bars and basically any place one can imagine. The group has already released two albums by themselves and is currently recording their third.


Melanie McGuirk is a singer-songwriter from Maine. She moved to California to pursue music three years ago and started attending all the open-mic sessions and auditions she could find around Los Angeles, earning hard-to-get experience in the process, which she now puts to good use doing gigs in LA. McGuirk is currently working on her first EP.

Omar Quezada

Omar Quezada is a Dominican band known for its latin rhythms and its energetic and joyful performances. Lead singer Omar Quezada started the group two years ago with the goal of putting together a band with young, Dominican talent. The band’s bassist received a full Berklee scholarship and both drummer and pianist have partial Berklee scholarships. In 2018, Omar Quezada has focused on creating new music, building content and playing as many shows as possible.

One More Day

The band One More Day started at McNally Smith College of Music in 2015, where the four members unexpectedly found a share calling to play a compelling sound of Funk, R’n’B and Pop. But as most people learn after college, it’s tough to continue seeing each other after graduation; the four members scattered across the States: Washington D.C., New York, Michigan and Iowa. Despite geographical challenges One More Day still managed to release an album and hope to continue their musical careers at Dynaudio Unheard.

Prince The Rookie

Rapper Prince The Rookie combines neo-soul and hip-hop to create a smooth Midwestern sound that can soothe the soul and open your mind. While he continues to pursue a career in music, he has had his share of roadblocks that most aspiring musicians will probably recognize: “Your media following isn’t big enough, we’ll help you produce a record for the national level, etc.” Where many would simply call it quits, Prince The Rookie finds inspiration in the roadblocks and says: “it’s the passion that keeps me going. There’s no better feeling than hearing your creativity blaring through speakers turned to eleven.”

Sheyna Gee and the Boys

Sheyna Gee is known for her unapologetic California Country anthems. Starting out playing guitar at just five years old, writing and performing her first song at six, Sheyna found her voice by immersing herself in a wide variety of music.

Stephen James

He might be a solo artist, but Stephen James has collaborated with and lent his sultry, soulful voice and abilities as a guitarist to numerous artists over the years. From his home studio, James also produces for other artists, and he's also  ventured into indie label territory with his own shop he intends to build from the ground up to help struggling artists in the future. At Dynaudio Unheard, we’ll acquaint ourselves with his work as a soloist.


THRILL YOU KILL YOU is a testament to the strength of one woman, defiant. The entire project is written, produced, and engineered by Fei-Fei. NYLON Magazine praised TYKY saying: “Born from the ashes of her club days, TYKY is a liberation from the feeling that Fei-Fei had to be "a version of me that I thought the world wanted to see."

Formerly a DJ/producer, she’s traded in her turntables to become the frontwoman for LA-based indie/post-punk/electronica band TYKY. This evolution of her sound reveals a more vulnerable and rebellious side — “This is the first time I’ve been brave enough to just be me. It’s weird, it’s raw and a little twisted, but it’s all me.”

Trevor James Band

Trevor James Band is an alternative rock group based out of Los Angeles led by singer and guitarist, Trevor James. Early in James’ career, he toured extensively as a bass player for other artists, but decided two years ago to focus on his own music together with a group of friends from his youth. In 2018, Trevor James and band released the album “Maxine” which is currently available on all streaming services. 

Water District

Water District is authentic indie pop-rock with a modern emo spin. While living in a van outside of a studio where he worked as a technician, lead singer Tice Griffin envisioned himself as the frontman for his own band and committed himself to pursuing his dream. Since then, Water District has released a demo album, an EP and various singles. The group is rounded out by Erik Williams on drums and Ryan Scottie on bass.

What’s Dynaudio Unheard?

The Dynaudio Unheard studio is a state-of-the-art pop-up recording facility built inside shipping containers and containing the latest tech from the world’s best equipment makers. And it’s touring the globe searching for the best new artists.

We’re doing this because 91 per cent of all artists are completely undiscovered. They’re creating, and sweating, and believing. They’re on it. And no one knows who they are. We want to give that 91 per cent the opportunity to level the balance.

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