Building Confidence

Get an exclusive inside look at the thoughts and work behind the Confidence speakers in the six-part series, Building Confidence.



The great debate

Confidence is back, but something has changed. Something so big that it creates tension in the otherwise calm Dynaudio headquarters. But if there’s one thing that always overrules everything, it’s the fact that sound comes first.

Why now?



Timing is everything. When it’s time for a speaker to be released it has been planned years in advance - so what is it that made 2019 the perfect year for Confidence? Find out in episode two of Building Confidence.



A certain type of glue


Manufacturing a speaker is not an easy task, and since so many people are involved and busy with their own specialized areas, it’s crucial to have someone with an overview of the entire project.



What’s new, Confidence?


Buying a very expensive speaker just to open it up and take it apart is probably not a very good idea, so we’re saving you the trouble in this episode. Join Kristoffer in the R’n’D department as he is doing some final adjustments to one of the Confidence models, and come inside Danny’s anechoic chamber as he talks about the Esotar3.



Here’s looking at you!


The updated Confidence looks different from the former models. In fact, it doesn’t look like anything else. There’s a reason for every shape and line of the updated Confidence family, and here to tell you all about it is the designer, Malte. But what happens when you run out of ideas?



What happens at High End…

It’s time. The Confidence series has up until this point been confined to Dynaudio grounds, but now it’s being released into the wild for everyone to see, and it’s all taking place at the High End Show in Munich. But not everything goes according to plan.

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