Join Dynaudio at High End Munich 2019

We've brought our entire product line-up – plus our touring recording studio – to the world's premier hi-fi show.


May is always full of anticipation. It's when the trees start blooming, when the sun starts getting warm in Denmark, and when Dynaudio arrives at the High End Show in Munich. It's a time when New Things happen. Exciting things.

In previous years we've launched now-legendary products including Contour, Confidence and Special Forty. This year we're doing something a little different. We're trying to help undiscovered musicians launch their careers.

If you're at the show, head down to the beer garden. You'll see (and hear) our touring studio – Dynaudio Unheard – in action. It’s a sophisticated, fully equipped set-up built into a 40-foot shipping container. Top US producer Ashley Shepherd is at the mixing desk, and he'll be recording and mentoring the best undiscovered artists.

Musicians will be performing live sessions every day, giving visitors a literal insight into what goes in a recording situation. And we mean 'literal' literally: half the container is glass…

Consistency matters. That's why the studio is equipped with our professional speakers. You'll see them through the glass. Then, once you've heard what's been recorded, you can head up to our showroom to hear some of the results on our latest high-end hi-fi speakers.



Our showroom

We've upgraded, revamped and spruced-up our High End room, too. You'll see our entire product range, of course. Plus you can hear regular demos of the Confidence and Evoke ranges, and you can even sit in a virtual VW to discover how we bring true hi-fi sound to the road.

There's also a special demo of some of the material recorded in our studio… so you can wrap your ears around the kind of detail you never thought it would be possible to hear.

And, of course, we'll be on hand to answer any questions you have. We hope to see you there!



The classic passive speaker has evolved. The Confidence range takes Dynaudio's most celebrated audio technologies to startling heights with improved materials, techniques and technologies.



Evoke is for you. It's for living rooms. Home cinema rooms. Listening rooms. Even bedrooms. It's serious hi-fi, everywhere.



Intelligent, wireless high-fidelity at the touch of a button.

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