Confidence 50 scoops German Design Award

Our Confidence 50 high-end hi-fi speakers have won a prestigious German Design Award. And we couldn’t be happier.


Judges praise the top-of the range speakers for ‘reinventing the classic passive loudspeaker’

Our Confidence 50 high-end hi-fi speakers have won a prestigious German Design Award. And we couldn’t be happier.

The judging panel said: “The Confidence 50 presents as solid, and lustrous, yet has a minimal profile that, in combination with a choice of colour and finish, makes it a perfect fit for a host of environments. State-of-the-art technology and a range of new elements have outwardly helped to reinvent the classic passive loudspeaker.”

The Confidence range was launched at the 2019 High End Munich show to great acclaim, and has been collecting stellar reviews since.

Confidence 50 is the second-largest speaker in the four-strong family. It’s a large three-way floorstander boasting a pair of 18cm woofers with neodymium magnets, two 15cm neodymium midrange drivers and one brand-new Esotar3 tweeter. It also features the new DDC Lens, which forms a ‘sound-beam’ that refines the vertical audio image while maintaining wider horizontal dispersion than in previous Confidence models.

The range’s bullet-shaped cabinets have also been reimagined inside and out to give a sleek, smooth, modern take on the original Confidence series – while retaining the striking baffle design.

Let’s leave it to our Design Director, Malte Köhn, to have the last word… “We’re incredibly proud. The entire team deserves the credit. We think Confidence 50 strikes the perfect balance between size and sound. It contains all our newest technology – the result of many years of acoustic research from Dynaudio Labs – and retains the kind of serene exterior you want when it’s time to sit back and devote quality time to listening.”

Well said.

  1. You can discover more about the Dynaudio Confidence series here.
  2. See Confidence 50 on the German Design Award website here.

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