New Confidence and Evoke presets for Dynaudio Sub 6

Owners of the all-new Dynaudio Confidence and Evoke now get total integration with the high-end Sub 6 subwoofer


If you have a Dynaudio Sub 6 and a set of new Confidence or Evoke speakers, you’re in luck. First, because you own some incredible pieces of audio tech. Second, because now they integrate seamlessly across the entire frequency range.

Sub 6 lets our engineers add presets that increase our speakers’ frequency range all the way down to a trouser-flapping 16Hz – in perfect harmony with their acoustic characteristics.

The new performance maps – which you can download here – are tailored for the following:

  • Confidence 20
  • Confidence 30
  • Confidence 50
  • Confidence 60

  • Evoke 10
  • Evoke 20
  • Evoke 30
  • Evoke 50

You can find out more about the Dynaudio Confidence range here and the Dynaudio Evoke family here. For more information on Dynaudio subwoofers, click here.