Stream music to your speakers and WI-FI systems

Listening to your favourite tunes has never been easier. With our Dynaudio Connect, we introduce a whole new level of connectivity and convenience within Hi-Fi audio systems.


Meet the Dynaudio Connect.

The traditional Hi-Fi audio system requires a series of different modules such as speakers, amplifier, a music source, and lots of cables. Now, listening to high-res music has become wireless, and enjoying your Xeo or Focus XD speakers have never been easier. You simply stream directly from your music source to the speakers.


Streams all your inputs directly to your loudspeakers

The Dynaudio Connect automatically connects to your home Wi-Fi network and lets you stream music directly from your mobile device or computer. The Dynaudio Connect is packed with both analogue and digital inputs such as 3.5 Stereo Jack, RCA, USB for your computer, Bluetooth for your mobile devices, and 24/192 compatibility from the optical and coaxial digital audio inputs.



High-res streaming to your speakers

The Dynaudio Connect streams Hi-Fi quality music. But, when it is used with the Focus XD series it can seamlessly play lossless high-resolution audio directly to your speakers – with the full and rich experience of 24bit depth and up to 96kHz sample rate when used with the Focus XD series.

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Now, you have full wireless control over your Xeo or Focus XD speaker – control, that lets you enjoy a new level of convenience, and sense of connectedness with your Dynaudio speakers. Welcome to simple, wireless high fidelity streaming.





Connect versus Hub

The Connect is based on our Dynaudio Hub and, therefore, offers the same analogue and digital inputs, but we have added a range of features for streaming such as Wi-Fi integration and Bluetooth to make the Dynaudio Connect even more connected.




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