The Focus XD Loudspeaker: A Quantum Leap

With the Focus XD, we are changing the game. It's a complete digital revolution with 24bit / 192kHz resolution from the music source to the driver. The Focus XD has trashed the traditional stereo system for those who seek the best performance combined with optimal convenience and neatness of not having the extra equipment.


Uncompromising Audio Quality

When our engineers were developing the Focus XD loudspeakers, they sought to create an active, digital speaker that matched the Dynaudio vision: reproducing sound as it was recorded. These speakers had to deliver high-resolution 24bit / 192kHz uncompromising audio quality. 

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To do so, they decided to transmit the signal losslessly from the source to the latest possible step in the chain - just before the drivers - without any analog conversion. 






"I had never heard that before"

And their approach (the brilliant engineers that is) paid off. They created a loudspeaker that managed to surprise not only themselves but everyone at Dynaudio: "When our engineers presented the Focus 200 XD at an early stage in the development process, I was sitting there, unable to believe what I heard. The orchestra was playing in the widths and depths like it was real. I had never heard that before," said Wilfried Erhenholz, Founder. 








The team of engineers matched each of the Focus XDs' drivers with its own digital amplifier (each driver has 150W power). And, the entire system has been fine-tuned using state-of-the-art Digital Signal Processing (which is usually shortened to the more colloquial DSP) to ensure the impressive sound reproduction is always delivered with precision and harmony - no matter the instrument.  


“The bass is almost bottomlessly deep and can deliver anything from the sledgehammer-like impact of an aggressive kick drum to the subtle caress of a viola with equal authority and with unparalleled accuracy.”

Greg Borrowman,


But, the heart of any well-produced loudspeaker will always be the drivers. As you probably know, we develop and manufacture our own drivers right here in Skanderborg, Denmark. 

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The Focus XD uses these handcrafted drivers as well - Esotec+ tweeters and drivers to be exact. These drivers use time-tested Dynaudio technologies: light-weight aluminium voice-coils, our proprietary Magnesium Silicate Polymer (MSP) diaphragms, silk fabric tweeter domes with Precision Coating, and rear-vented low resonance die-cast aluminium driver baskets.

You can also make the Focus XD loudspeaker system wireless by adding the Dynaudio Connect. Now, you can enjoy 24bit / 96kHz straight from your mobile device (and a long list of other devices) or create up to three multiroom zones. 


Revolutionizing Active Digital Loudspeakers

All of this come together to revolutionize active digital loudspeaker design. It has raised the bar to a whole new level - trashed the stereo - and introduced an entirely new way of experiencing high fidelity. All you need is a source and your Focus XD loudspeakers. 



Want more?

In March 2017, our engineers redesigned the Focus XD's crossover and DSP. Now, you can upgrade your speakers without upgrading.

In Focus XD uses advanced Digital Signal Processing, but what is it really? Watch as Jan Abildgaard Pedersen explains it in Ask the Expert.

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