Stream music directly to your speakers

Music should be convenient. But, that’s not necessarily the case when you dive into the world of Hi-Fi. We have all been annoyed by cables at one time or another in our lives. 

A new level of high-end listening

Stumbled over them. Knocked things over. A child pulls the cable, and the speaker is on the floor. We wanted to do things differently, which is why we introduced the Xeo 3 and Xeo 5. We kept going and introduced our Xeo series and Focus XD series with wireless connectivity.






With the optional Connect Control app for Apple iOS, you are able to take full control over your Dynaudio Connect. You can choose inputs and change their names, control the volume, and control your multi-room setup. This is an advanced remote control to your Dynaudio Connect – directly on your iPhone.

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The Dynaudio Connect lets you stream your favorite music directly to your speakers from all of your inputs without any cables. And it does so in the full and rich experience of 24bit / 96kHz sample rate when used with the Focus XD loudspeakers and in 16bit / 48 kHz when used with the Xeo 4 and Xeo 6 speakers.

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When you get home from a busy day at work, all you have to do is hit play on your record player – or any other input – sit back and use the Connect Control to turn on your speakers, select the input you just turned on and crank up the volume.







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