The fine art of cutting the cable

Music should sound great. Music should be convenient. For some people, the latter is absolutely crucial. They believe that listening to your favorite tracks should be easy. That nothing should come between them and the listening experience. We believe that as well: there shouldn’t be a tradeoff.
You don’t have to sacrifice sound reproduction for convenience and vice versa. You can actually have your cake and eat it, too.


Affordable premium wireless Hi-Fi solution

With our Xeo series, we have not only introduced an affordable premium wireless Hi-Fi solution, but we’ve done away with inconvenience and cable salad. The Xeo 2 is the living embodiment of this. No need for DACs, amps, or anything else.

We have used the fine art of cutting cables. All you need is a power supply and a Bluetooth ready device.







Critics notice when you cut cables without cutting sound quality or convenience.

Michael R. Böwadt, VP of Product Management

Don’t just take our word for it…

We have gathered some of the fantastic reviews HiFi magazines across the world has given us.



Hi-Fi Choice:

"With the Xeo 2, Dynaudio has raised the bar for compact wireless speaker system to a level that would barely have seemed possible a year or so ago. Its Bluetooth performance is outstanding, but best of all it allows anyone for a reasonable outlay to enjoy sound quality that was once the preserve of audiophiles.

High fidelity is the winner,"

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Digital Audio:

"Pretty much ANY smartphone, tablet or laptop can connect to the Xeo 2 in moments via Bluetooth. Power cables are all we need plug in to get up and running with music. It's so simple even your Mum could do it."

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"The best thing about these speakers for me, aside from the sound quality, is how frustration-free they are. The switch between having them play wirelessly to via a cabled connection and vice versa is seamless and the compact remote is really intuitive.

"Using Bluetooth for its wireless connectivity the Xeo 2 has been built from the ground up to connect to almost any device, be it your phone, laptop, TV, desktop pc, literally anything as it also comes with a multitude of other inputs including optical audio and analogue connections.

"Also capable of multi-room functionality, Xeo 2 can connect to a network of other Xeo series speakers via the Xeo Hub or Connect allowing you to blast breath taking audio in any room of your home."

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Plus X Award:

Wireless active speaker of the year 2016/2017

This year (2016) the Xeo 2 was awarded because, as one Jury member explained, the Xeo 2 is obviously not simply a downsized Xeo 4, but the next step forward in these categories

  • Quality
  • Design
  • Ease of Use.

Therefore the Xeo 2 was awarded in these three categories, plus awarded as:

Wireless active speaker of the year 2016/2017




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