The true Dynaudio experience

With the Emit series, we have introduced an affordable high-end loudspeaker with the true Dynaudio sound reproduction. The series incorporate the extraordinary level of technical innovation and performance capabilities that many people have come to know and expect from Dynaudio – and we make every single part ourselves as always.


Ever since our start, we have believed the only way to produce exceptional loudspeakers is by developing our own drivers. In the Emit, we continued that tradition by using our own drivers designed solely for the purpose of optimized performance within the given loudspeaker – and all of them are hand-made at our factory in Skanderborg, Denmark.





These are terrific all-rounders, and offer the sort of performance that we might expect from something much higher up the food chain.

What Hi-Fi?,

And you don’t just take our word for it…

We have gathered some of the fantastic Emit reviews and awards from Hi-Fi magazines across the world right here:



What Hi-Fi? - M10:

"They are not quite as sweet with vocals, but they’re as good (if not better) at rhythmic precision, and that’s balanced with power, dynamics, flexibility and energy. Layers of music are stripped back to their emotional core, and the experience is hard to resist. These are terrific all-rounders, and offer the sort of performance that we might expect from something much higher up the food chain."

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“First impressions were of a crisp and lively yet also full-bodied output, a factor which belied its compact dimensions. Port open and operated in free space, it kicks surprisingly well at low frequencies, while the midrange and treble definition, as well as the focus over a spacious soundstage, were in the same class as £800 loudspeakers.

“I really enjoyed this loudspeaker, and when that fact is set alongside the fine overall specified performance, its high build quality and standard of finish, I have no hesitation in awarding the Dynaudio Emit 10 loudspeaker a HIFICRITIC Best Buy rating.”

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What Hi-Fi? - M20:

"They whisk through the song with attack and explosiveness, and even in the most complex, cacophonous moments find the discipline and rigour to pick out the multiple trails of thought – rhythmic drums, ambient guitar lines, cutting cymbals – without sidelining any element."

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Australian Hi-Fi Magazine - M30:

“The Dynaudio Emit M30 is not only an exceptionally good loudspeaker design, one that measured extremely well on Newport Test Labs’ test bench, it’s also an exceptionally well built loudspeaker and therefore gets my very highest recommendation.“



Home Cinema Choice - Emit series:

"Dynaudio’s rare foray into entry-level territory is an unmitigated triumph. It has poured its high-end savoir faire into a relatively affordable multichannel package and the result is a fabulous system that performs well beyond its price tag.

“This ensemble delivers one of the most natural and cohesive soundstages I’ve heard at this price, while dredging up bucketloads of detail and filling the room with frighteningly visceral bass."

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