Updated Contour, continued legend

You can see it from the craftsmanship; you can hear it in the performance. Everyone else can, too.

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This is the big leagues. And it’s been that way since 1989. The original Contour dropped jaws all over the world – and each update has done the same ever since. Your jaw is about to drop again. We’ve applied all our experience, all our expertise – and all our passion – to looking at what made the original so good… and then making it even better. It’s time to take legend further. This is Contour.


Everything we know

In 2016 we took everything that made the original Contour so amazing… and then made it even better. New woofers, new cabinets, new crossovers – the list goes on. The Contour 20 standmounter takes everything we know about speaker design and puts it in a compact, clean and great-sounding package.

And you don't even have to take our word for it...

Take the word of hi-fi magazines across the world - and EISA. We've collected some of the best reviews out there - and our EISA award -, just for you to read. 


Dynaudio created the best compact Contour of all time. And that really means a lot!

STEREO magazine,





"The bass, guitar and voice were arrayed between them, the drums above them. And slightly forward, in front of the plane of the speakers. It was exciting and entrancing."

"This kind of pricing is certainly high for any speakers, let alone those that need a stand. Yet we’re confident that regardless of size, regardless even of brand, you will not find better sound quality for the price than that available from the Dynaudio Contour 20 speakers."

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"An exceptionally accomplished standmount loudspeaker, the Contour 20 sounds much bigger than it looks. The latest in a long line of Contour bookshelf designs – starting way back in the early ‘80s – this is the first to sport Dynaudio’s excellent Esotar2 tweeter. Allied to a single MSP diaphragm mid/bass and bolted to a thick aluminium front baffle plate, the result is a wonderfully lyrical yet accurate sound, with surprisingly deep bass. The radiused edges of the exquisitely finished cabinet complete a very pretty picture."

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Hi-Fi Choice

“The bass is agile, articulate and tuneful but also has the solidity and impetus to recreate the scale and reverberant characteristics of a venue."

"There’s a lot of finely resolved detail through both the midrange and the treble, but the tweeter is so smooth and its integration with the midbass driver so seamless that it never conspicuously snags your attention.”

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Scandinavian Sound and Vision

"If you’re looking for a pair of fine loudspeakers that won’t dominate your room, but will look attractive alongside your furniture, Dynaudio Contour 20 is the perfect choice. They open the door to true high end at a size and price that won’t give you a heart attack. They appeal equally to heart and mind and deliver the music on a silver platter."

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The EAR:

"This is an excellent loudspeaker built to the standards established by previous generations of Dynaudio Contour models. It’s firmly recommended, in fact once you discover how neutral and honest it is with your favourite music the Contour 20 might be the last loudspeaker you will ever buy."

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