Spotify on Dynaudio Connect in 2018

How to use Spotify on Dynaudio Connect in 2018: free Google Chromecast Audio for all affected customers.

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How to use Spotify on Dynaudio Connect in 2018: free Google Chromecast Audio for all affected customers.


What’s happened?

One of our vendors has notified us that, as of December 31 2017, Spotify will remove integrated support for its service in the Dynaudio Connect box. The decision by Spotify isn’t limited to our product: it also affects numerous other manufacturers and brands. We should have received this information from our vendor months ago, but sadly did not – which is why we’re only now able to give this news to our loyal customers.



What now?

Although there won’t be any built-in Spotify support in the Dynaudio Connect box from December 31, you’ll still be able to use the service via a Google Chromecast Audio device – which we’re giving free of charge to all affected Dynaudio Connect users. Please contact your dealer or Dynaudio Customer Care for more information.

If you don’t want to use Google Chromecast Audio, you can still use Bluetooth, which is built into the Dynaudio Connect box.



How do I use Spotify via Google Chromecast Audio?

1 Plug Chromecast Audio into the Connect – preferably using a compatible optical cable for the best performance. If you don’t have one, a regular 3.5mm mini-jack cable will work too

2 Visit and connect Chromecast Audio to your Wi-Fi network

3 Choose ‘Connect to a device’ in Spotify on your phone, tablet or computer, then choose Chromecast Audio.

For more information on Dynaudio Connect, click here.



How do I use Spotify via Bluetooth?

1 Press the Bluetooth Setup button on the back of the Connect

2 Accept the pairing on your device within one minute

3 Choose Connect A, B or C from the list of Bluetooth devices (to correspond with the ID switch on the rear of the Connect box) 

For more information on Spotify’s decision, including which other devices and companies are affected, click here.

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