Dynaudio showcases its new Custom Install Technology

Danish hi-fi specialist Dynaudio is showcasing its new custom install technology at this year’s ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) show in Amsterdam.


Dynaudio Custom Architectural speakers harness the same core technology and research that have made the company’s hi-fi speakers so successful over the past 40 years, and places it in ingenious pre-install mounts and unique tool-less clip-in speaker modules.


Tool-free mounting and adjustable ceiling speakers

The range consists of in-ceiling and in-wall speakers; both come in 6.5in and 8in versions, and they all use 1in tweeters. The in-ceiling speakers are angled 18˚ and can be rotated 360˚ in their mounts to fine-tune their firing direction. They fit to the mounts without damaging (or re-doing) the walls or ceilings, and their paintable magnetic grilles ensure they’ll blend in discretely with the room. The in-wall frames mount either way up for even more flexibility and, like the in-ceiling units, feature Dynaudio’s patent-pending tool-free speaker-mounting mechanism.


We love bringing our passion for music to every pair of ears we can reach – no matter how big or small the space.

Michael Munch, Product Manager

Users with multichannel home-cinema systems can use the ceiling speakers in the walls, too, to ensure absolute tonal consistency. And because the grilles are independent of their frames, their positions can be adjusted to perfectly satisfy the strictest requirements of architects and interior designers.

Michael Munch, Product Manager, says: “We designed the Dynaudio Custom range to be as easy as possible to install, to be simple to understand and to be flexible enough to tailor to even the most challenging listening environment. And – of course – it had to sound as good as the rest of our speakers. We love bringing our passion for music to every pair of ears we can reach – no matter how big or small the space. Every Dynaudio Custom speaker is designed, tuned and built with the same care and pride as our regular hi-fi, in-car and pro-audio ranges.”


Get hands on with the Studio range

Dynaudio will showcase the in-ceiling and in-wall speakers from its Custom Architectural Studio range:

  • Dynaudio S4-C65 2-way in-ceiling
  • Dynaudio S4-C80 2-way in-ceiling
  • Dynaudio S4-W65 2-way in-wall
  • Dynaudio S4-W80 2-way in-wall

Visitors will be able to see and touch the speakers themselves, as well as try out the tool-free mounting system and magnetic grilles.

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