A system designed for you

Dynaudio Custom Studio.

Your home is uniquely yours… now your entertainment can be, too. You might want a discreet system for music. You might want to give your TV a boost. Dynaudio Custom can do both… and more. That’s because it isn’t a rigid, one-size-never-quite-fits system. Mix and match in-wall and in-ceiling speakers; go stereo or multichannel; integrate it perfectly with the rest of your equipment.


Made for your lifestyle

The Studio series in-surface mounting frames retrofit into many existing popular-sized cavities – meaning no tearing down walls or ceilings to get Dynaudio performance into the house (although we’d totally understand people wanting to go that far). And the speakers themselves can be fine-tuned to focus the sound exactly where it’s needed.

We know. There's a lot of choice. Get an idea of how you can mix and match the new Custom Install LCR system here.

The Dynaudio Custom Studio series consists of round in-ceiling and rectangular in-wall speakers in both 6.5in and 8in versions, including a modular in-wall LCR variant – all featuring our acclaimed 1in soft-dome tweeters and MSP woofers. And, of course, it’s all been designed and developed in Denmark.


The perfect fit

The magnetically attached grilles can be painted for even more flexibility, and the in-ceiling models are available with optional square grilles for complete aesthetic consistency. Make a feature of them; make them blend in. It’s up to you.





Total immersion

Multichannel performance for the ultimate movie night

It's been said that audio accounts for 80% of the movie-watching experience. It’s something to really lose yourself in.

Dynaudio Custom Studio series speakers do much more than simply sit out front and play the soundtrack. They surround you – at the sides, behind, and even above your head – making the experience truly captivating.

Best of all, your system can grow with your needs. Whether you want to start with a simple two-, five- or seven-channel system, or go all-in with a full-fat immersive set-up featuring overhead and height channels, it can grow to fit your imagination.

Need more? No problem. Click here to learn more about our Custom Install Studio Series.

The in-ceiling speakers are angled 18˚ and rotate a full 360˚ in their frames – so their sound can be directed exactly where it’s needed. Rearranged the room? Just pop off the paintable magnetic grilles and swivel the speakers to their new positions. Done.

You can even install our in-ceiling speakers in the walls for absolute tonal consistency – and total control over the sound’s direction. The in-ceiling frames can accept round or square grilles, too, to tailor the look precisely to your architect’s or interior designer’s vision.

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